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"Pain and sufferings - result of misuse of Space energy "



The unique author's technique combines in itself synthesis of long-term researches of both ancient

(piphagorian , Tibetan, Chinese) numerological systems, and modern.

Age-old scripture says: " God is Number ".

The man and universe can also be expressed by means of numbers. And if it is possible to express something, it is possible to change this something.

The inefficiency and even danger of simple "technical" removal of energoinformational deformations, curse or damnation consists in an opportunity of karmic relapse, if the reason is not eliminated. Holistic numerological allows precisely to diagnose karmic reasons of a situation and to determine the best ways of an exit from it and also to define your potential abilities to extrasensual perception, healership and clearvoyance.

Numerological analysis of your space numbers will help you to understand the reasons of the vital situation, which has occured to you, and also will give the recommendations at a choice of the most successful model of your behaviour in the future.

Holistic celestonumerology is a complete system reflecting a Principle of Space Duality. It consists of two parts: descriptive and recommendatory.

Special calculations will give your Personal Numerological Code (PNC) under the formula transferred by Superior  Forces, to you an opportunity to make independent diagnostics of a status your energoinformational  field, and also to carry out its correction (curse & even damnation self-removal). You can learn to use space energy of your zodiac constellation and planet. Ths technique allows to carry out causal correction  for conformity to "ideal state matrix"  - unique model, which was applied by High Priestsof Atlantis to mainten  prosperity of their civilization. With the help of MATRIX. you can both to diagnose presence of deformations (curse, damatiob) inside your  field,  and to carry out their removal by means of cosmic  power.

Each man at the moment of the birth receives Space Protection. However owing to infringementof the laws of Space, a human being frequently lose it. Holistic celestonumerology  will help you to restore lost Cosmic shield  or to strengthen existing through clearing and reactivation of your space channel with your zodiac constellation and planet.

Many ancient knowledge used by the given technique, was irrevocably lost. And only now mankind starts to gain access to them through a Uniform Information Field of the Universe.

Health and good luck is a simple observance of space rules of life. Holistic celestonumerology will help you to learn yurself better as well your place in this world and life, to open the latent opportunities, to solve vital problems and to begin to live in Harmony with Space, in a Unification with the God and in Integrity with yourself !



Contact telephone in Simferopol: +380 652 25-64-82 (Luydmila Bulgakova)

Email: simfivlad@yahoo.com